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Our Courses


                Human Development and Family Studies addresses the development of individuals and families throughout the life cycle. This class focuses on child development theories, principles, and practices including prenatal development, preparation for birth, the birth process, and the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth and development of infants. The knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors associated with supporting and promoting optimal growth and development of infants are addressed in the course. Simulator dolls will be used.  Each student will be responsible for the care of the doll during off-school hours.


                This course is designed to explain how nutrients from food are utilized in the human body, examining the nutritional value of foods, and using the food guides to make healthy food choices everyday.  Students will have the opportunity to learn food preparation techniques, food safety and sanitation, use and care of appliances, and meal planning through classroom laboratory exercises. In addition, students will learn about culture and cuisine of regions of the United States and foreign countries, weight management, food related careers and entertainment ideas.


                   This course presents life in today's world.  Understanding development as an individual, a family member, and as part of society along with alternatives to life styles will be introduced.  This course will explore all aspects of life:  personality development, health, communication, relationships with family and friends, mate selection, marriage, parenting, handling crises, aging, death, and managing family living.  This course also introduces skills needed to meet the challenge of daily life through consumer education.

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